Medical Tourism Facilitation Services

A Medical Tourism Facilitation Services is an intermediary who helps individuals seeking medical treatment outside their home country to find and access suitable medical facilities, doctors, and other healthcare providers abroad. 
Their services may include arranging transportation, accommodation, and other logistical support for patients traveling for medical treatment, as well as providing information about the medical procedures, costs, and recovery periods involved. They may also offer guidance on visa and travel requirements, and may serve as a liaison between patients and healthcare providers to ensure that the patient receives the best possible care.
Medical tourism facilitators can play an important role in helping patients navigate the complex process of seeking medical treatment abroad, and can provide valuable assistance in making informed decisions about healthcare options. However, it is important to research and carefully vet any potential facilitator to ensure that they are reputable and have a track record of success in helping patients access safe and effective Medical Care.

Pakistan - A Emerging Medical Tourism Destination

The Global Medical Tourism industry is set to be worth almost $38.5 billion by 2020. In 2012, the UK’s Health Protection Agency estimated that 55,000 people went abroad to seek medical treatment. Of them, almost 70 per cent visited nations like Pakistan, India, Poland and Hungary.


Why Pakistan?

  •  The one reason for this is the increasing foreign exchange rate. 
  • While Pakistan has significant potential in the field of medical tourism, there remain equally significant barriers to the field’s success.
  • A large number of highly trained physicians is paramount in the industry’s development. Pakistani physicians are known to receive global admiration. 


  • Pakistan is expected to emerge as a strong contender for a new and lucrative medical tourism industry.
    Low operation costs, high availability of educated physicians and developing medical industries have been cited as some of the most significant factors in this untapped market. 
  • Cost has been the primary driving factor for individuals seeking medical treatment in these nations. For example, an in vitro fertilisation operation in the United States can cost as much as $8,100, whereas in Pakistan the same operation can be done in $2,000, a 75pc decrease.
  • Of the Pakistani medical tourist demographic, most patients come to Pakistan for fertility and cosmetic operations, whereas a small minority visit for cardiac surgery.

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Potential Medical Tourist to Pakistan

  • Expatriate Pakistani
  • Foreigner on Business Trip to Pakistan
  • Amateur Anthropologist Archaeologist
  • Mountain Lover

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