Venture Medical Tourism Facilitator’s Services

Venture Medical Tourism Facilitation Services

Medical Tourism Facilitator

  • VMTF  connects foreign patients with Medical Specialist / Surgeon and arrange treatment in best equipped Hospital  . VMTF have full time Health Care Coordinator who works under the supervision of a very experience Medical professional ( A Surgeon ) .
  • When a foreign patient contacts VMTS , coordinator ask patient to provide his medical history and Clinical Test results .  After receiving Medical history and information about the medical procedure the patient is interested in , the coordinator in consultation with Medical Advisor promptly  responds and provide the patient with information about  the healthcare provider they will be working with, and the costs involved.
  • VMTF acts as a liaison between the foreign patient and the healthcare provider. VMTF will arrange appointments, coordinate medical tests and procedures, and facilitate communication between the patient and the healthcare provider.
  • VMTF  may also provide logistical support to foreign patients, such as arranging transportation, accommodation, and visas.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

  • As HMO , VTMS  have a Network of Medical Practitioners as primary health care provider & Medical specialists , Clinical Laboratories and Hospitals .
  • The purpose of VMTS as HMO  is to focus on overall patient wellness and preventive healthcare while keeping costs low for its client getting patients  treated  by  in-network Physicians and Medical Facilities.
  • As HMO, VMTS provides a network of doctors, hospitals, and other medical specialists  that your insurance company has pre-approved for services and payment. They’re called in-network providers.
  • VMTS as HMO  will make agreements with these health care providers , it  determines  how much  is to be to paid  for different services. The in-network providers agree to accept these fees for their services.

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